Xperon IV

4-dels/Urethane Tourboll

Tourmodell med skal av Urethane. Golfboll tillverkad med den senaste tekniken för balansering av bollar. Lämpar sig bäst för golfare som har medel- till hög svinghastighet och som vill ha låg spinn med drivern för maximal längd från tee, kontrollerad bollbana samt hög spinn runt green med extremt bra längdkontroll. Mjuk känsla.


Urethane Casting Cover
Thermosetting Urethane Cover that provides high durability and elasticity with a soft feel and spin control, without compromising distance.

360 Dimple Pattern
360 Dimple developing by various tests maintain optimal trajectory and enhance accuracy as well as longer distance.

High-repulsive ND-BR Core
ND-BR Rubber provides exceptional driving distance.

HPF Inner Mantle
High Elasticity Soft Surlyn provide straightness and enhance accuracy at driving. With a high elastic HPF layer you minimize the energy loss and gain greater distance in a shot.

Ionomer Inner Mantle
High Grade Surlyn gives greater distance at driving, and at the same time provides optimal spin rate for shots with irons.


Conforms with USGA and R&A Rules and approved by the USGA and R&A.

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